Commercial Electrician Services

Southern Voltage’s Commercial Electrician Services Will Protect Your Bottom Line

Southern Voltage has provided commercial electrician services to Houston-area businesses for more than 20 years. During that time, we’ve helped business owners make their facilities safer, more productive and more efficient. Electric issues can bring commercial facilities to a standstill, and the longer they’re neglected, the more expensive they may be to repair.

We can resolve any existing electrical problems and fortify your building’s electrical system for future efficiency and safety. Over the long run, that could save your business a lot of money.

What Commercial Electrician Services Does Southern Voltage Offer?

Our certified electricians are experienced in providing a full range of commercial electrician services for any kind of business. Our commercial services include:

Electrical Panel Installation Or Upgrades

The electrical panel is the heart of your building’s electrical system, and commercial systems are larger and more complex than their residential counterparts.

During construction, we can work with other build teams and install the electrical panel for your facilities. Our electricians can also repair or upgrade an existing panel if needed. There are many reasons why your business may require an electrical panel upgrade, as your electricity needs are likely to change over time.

Commercial Electrical Panel Services

Lighting Installation and Retrofitting

A primary job for most commercial electricians is installing lighting. In commercial settings, though, this goes well beyond screwing in a few bulbs. Southern Voltage can overhaul your facility’s lighting technology, including a complete lighting replacement or retrofit. During the project, our electricians can install every part of the lighting system, including the fixtures, lamps, wiring, conduit and supporting components, like ballasts and lighting controls.

Installing Wiring

Commercial wiring involves much more planning and a bit more risk than residential wiring. Most commercial wiring is run through metal conduit, as it must pass through open space, and it’s thicker than residential types of wiring. Commercial wiring is also organized into a three-phase system, with two legs powering 120 volts and a single leg running 208 volts. It takes special expertise to handle this additional circuit building, but it also reduces the load on individual wires, extending their performance.

Installing Wiring In Commercial Building
Commercial Building Outlet Repair Services

General Electrical Installation and Repair

In addition to the above, we can repair and install an array of electric components. This includes outlets, fans and alarms. Our electricians can also provide preventative maintenance to ensure your building’s electrical system is operating safely and reliably.

When Is It Time To Upgrade A Commercial Electrical Panel?

As electrical panels are the central part of every building’s electrical system, it periodically requires attention to ensure everything is running safely. If it’s been a while since your electrical panel has been looked at, it would be wise to have it inspected. Here’s how to know if it’s time to consider a panel upgrade:

The Panel Is At Least A Couple Decades Old

Commercial electrical panels should provide at least 25 years of service before replacement is even considered. Around that time, your panel should be inspected to ensure it is still operating safely and maintenance scheduled, if necessary.

Some buildings that are at least 25 years old may also have an outdated fuse box instead of an electrical panel. If so, the box should be replaced, as it is a safety concern.

There Are Signs That The Panel Is Failing

There are many signs to look for if your electrical panel is failing. A burning odor, buzzing sounds, flickering lights, malfunctioning outlets and frequently tripping breakers all indicate that the panel requires maintenance.

Your Business Needs To Install More Equipment

As your company grows, it will need additional equipment like copiers, computers and possibly additional machinery. To accommodate this technology, you may need to expand your electrical system’s capacity. That starts with a panel upgrade.

The Building Is About To Be Renovated

Building renovations may require additions or modifications to your existing electrical system. It’s common, for example, to install new lighting during renovation. Before committing to those changes, schedule an inspection for your electrical panel to verify it is ready for the transition. In many cases, a panel upgrade will be needed to ensure safe operation.

Consider An Electrical Inspection

Like your building’s plumbing and foundation, your electrical system also requires regular inspections to ensure it is safe and reliable.

During an inspection, a Southern Voltage electrician will assess the condition of your facility’s electrical system. This includes the electrical panel, the building’s wiring and conduit. Our electricians will check things like whether the building is wired correctly, the number of bends in conduit, and if there are any outdated components that could result in safety or efficiency issues. Our electricians will also verify that the building is compliant with NEC code and provide solutions if there are any code violations.

Electrical Inspection

What’s The Difference Between A Residential And Commercial Electrician?

While residential and commercial electricians observe the same foundational concepts while performing their job, there are a few notable differences between the two. Specifically:

Commercial Electricians Work On Larger Scale Jobs

Some commercial properties are no larger than a house, but most are much more expansive. Commercial electrical systems, as a result, are bigger in scale and include more components and subsystems. That makes them more of a challenge to work with and may require more manpower than the typical residential electrician can provide.

Residential And Commercial Electricians Use Different Equipment

Residential and commercial electricians use different forms of wiring, electrical connections, and electrical control systems. For instance, commercial wiring is run through conduit, as it would otherwise be exposed in spots. Commercial systems run on three-phase power, too, which is trickier to handle and requires additional expertise on the electrician’s part.

Commercial Electricians Are More Likely To Have Master Certification

Given the added challenges and scope that come with commercial electrician projects, commercial electricians typically hold master certification. This extra education and experience is the major separator between residential and commercial electricians, and something your business should strongly consider when looking for a professional.

Southern Voltage Provides Commercial Electrician Services To Houston-Area Businesses

Commercial electrical systems involve complex technologies and risky-to-handle equipment. When it’s time to inspect, repair or install yours, your business will need an electrician who has the experience and education to handle it properly.

Southern Voltage has more than two decades working inside and outside Houston-area businesses. Our work is backed by master electrician certification, and we are proud to be the go-to electrician expert for clients all over Houston and beyond.